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Terms & Conditions

The website www.digisaksham.com containing all the information, services, and other information is provided and operated by the team of DIGISAKSHAM. The course curriculum, sessions & campus visits are scheduled by the respective Institutions and are subject to change as per the Institute’s availability and requirement.

Please review our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and other policies available on the website that govern the use of the Platform and Programs. Each Program may have a separate set of terms & conditions dealing with refunds, referrals, payments, etc. These terms and conditions are applicable to each medium that we use to communicate or announce anything, inclusive of WhatsApp groups, Social Media Handles, Email/SMS/Phone communications and other forums hosted by DIGISAKSHAM, which shall be deemed to be a part of the platform.

You acknowledge that certain parts of the Platform, as mentioned above, are provided by the Institutes themselves, which includes the curriculum, session schedules, campus visit schedule and you agree to abide by their terms and conditions as they can cancel any batch or session as per their convenience. DIGISAKSHAM shall not be responsible for any disruption of services caused by the Institutes.

DIGISAKSHAM can change these Terms from time to time without prior notice. You should review this page regularly in order to stay updated. DIGISAKSHAM makes no representations that the Platform is legally permitted to be operated in all geographic areas, or that the Platform, or information, services or products offered through the Platform are appropriate or available for use in every location. Accessing the Platform from territories where the Platform or any content or functionality of the Platform or its portions thereof is illegal and is strictly prohibited. If you choose to access the Platform, you agree and acknowledge that you do so on your own initiative and at your own risk and that you are solely accountable for compliance with all applicable laws.

Code Of Conduct

Whether you are an enrolled professional with DIGISAKSHAM or are simply browsing the educational platform, once you have accessed any of our platform or program, we will consider you as a ‘user’ for the purpose of these Terms & Conditions. You are responsible for all your activities in connection with the use of any information given on our portal. You hereby agree to fully obey all the applicable laws, and regulations in connection with such use. You shall not resort to any unethical practices while using our website or any other platform governed by DIGISAKSHAM.

You acknowledge and agree that DIGISAKSHAM has complete right to report any suspicious or illegal activity to the appropriate legal authorities without giving any prior notice to you.

During your use of the DIGISAKSHAM website or any other platform governed by DIGISAKSHAM, you will:

·         not harass other enrolled professionals, support agents or visitors;

·         not create an atmosphere of disharmony, hostility within student or institute discussion groups

·         not cheat on any assessments given to you

·         not post negative comments online demeaning any of the institutes or DIGISAKSHAM as their technology partner

·         not disrespect the faculty or interrupt online sessions

·         notify the coordinator's team immediately if you are unaware any of the updates related to the sessions, study material or campus visits

If not following the code of conduct, then Institute within all its rights can cancel your admission without notifying you, and DIGISAKSHAM will have no role in it. If any student tries to demean the Premium Institutions, or disrespect any of the senior faculty members, or misbehave during online sessions or write negative comments demeaning the institution can be expelled at that very moment without any warning. DIGISAKSHAM will not be able to help you in any of the above circumstances as its solely Institute’s decision.

User Registration & Services

In order to get registered on our platform, you need to sign up using your personal account by providing an email address and other necessary details. Payment structure is available on the website as well as brochures, you can either pay the complete amount in one go or EMI plans are also available for your convenience.

We have also come up with loan facility for students who are willing to get into the Executive Programs. If DIGISAKSHAM has granted access to the program, and you fail to pay your remaining fees within the given time period, DIGISAKSHAM has a right to withdraw your application without providing any prior notice.

Use of Programs

DIGISAKSHAM reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any Program or sessions or campus visits, or to alter, modify or rearrange the schedule of topics, as well as the point value or other such evaluations of progress as per the direction of the Institute. You also understand that DIGISAKSHAM, at its sole discretion, may terminate or suspend your use of the platform provided during the tenure and/or all provided services related to the programs, such as access to study material, groups wherein you can contact the faculty, evaluation services, or certifications.

If at all, you no longer wish to use the provided platform or associate with the organization or want to drop out of your course, you may terminate your participation by giving notice to DIGISAKSHAM. Professionals who are enrolled with DIGISAKSHAM shall be notified to such classes via email. If you are unable to attend an online live session, don’t worry our in-house LMS will be providing you with all the session recordings.

Educational Partners and Certification

DIGISAKSHAM is NOT a University or Institute, but an Education Service and Technology provider, offering Executive Programs and Post Graduation Programs in association with Indian Institutes, Universities, and Education Partners.

The certificate as shown on the website/brochure is a sample certificate, the original might vary depending upon the Institute. Any information to be added or removed from the certificate is completely in the hands of the institute/university you are enrolled with, DIGISAKSHAM is only a distributor and has no control over the changes made by the Institute. We are only the service and technology providers, hence have no role in making changes in the curriculum, session schedules, certificate layout, campus visits schedule, or any sort of study material that is provided to each enrolled professionals.

Limited License

The services on the Platform of DIGISAKSHAM is licensed legally, not sold. In consideration for your agreement to these Terms, DIGISAKSHAM as a technology and service provider of Premium Institutes grants you license to access and use the information and curriculum provided on the Platform and Programs, solely in accordance with the Terms & Conditions and other policies mentioned on the website. You are allowed to download or copy content that is available on our portal for personal use only. Any commercial use of our content would be considered as breaching of terms and conditions policy and strict action will be taken against the responsible individual.